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Banner Material

Billboard Material

Banners get results for all types of businesses. Simple or complex, in virtually any size or colour outside banners with reinforced hems and eyelets for easy fitting. Promote your new services, product launch or seasonal promotions. The versatility of banners, whether displayed horizontally, vertically, vinyl cut single colour or full colour digitally printed.

The ideal choice for just about any message you wish to convey. We use Heavy weight 510g material (outdoor) or a 310g for (indoor), also available is a mesh material which is made up of small holes to allow wind to travel through. Frame structures are available to mount your banners to.


Mesh Material

ALUPANELUsed mainly for stage backdrops and on buildings, mesh is a lightweight perforated fabric that is resistant to tearing and very strong, ideal for large exterior banners. Mesh material is flame retardant and directly printable using UV and solvent inks.


One Way Wision

ALUPANELOne Way Vision is a material similar to a Mesh Banner, i.e. a material with many holes, that can be printed onto. We can print anything you like on the One Way Vision, from your company slogan to full colour images.

You may have seen One Way Vision on buses that display images on the glass windows. This unique material allows the inside viewer to be able to see through to the outside, but restricts the visibility of others trying to look in.


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